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50 Book Challenge 2011: 27–29/50; goals for reading in 2012

My 2011 50bookchallenge wrap-up post.

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29 / 50 books. 58% done!

I fell decidedly short of my goal of 50 books, excluding rereads, in 2011. Pretty sure I can attribute this to a dramatic change in my reading habits when I started my job in April – I read fewer books & more newspaper/magazine/online articles. For 2012, I plan to keep track of both fresh reads & rereads, but instead of aiming to complete a set number of books, I'd like for at least 2/3 of my reads to be fresh reads. My purpose in joining this challenge was to make a dent in my never-ending to-read list, & that's still a more significant goal for me than overall volume.